Broker Post License Course

45 hours of Post License Coursework is required for your first Broker license renewal

45 Hour Broker Course | Virtual Classroom

This interactive course reviews Licenses and Brokerages, Transactional Issues, and Risk Management. 

Steps for completion

1. Register for your preferred course below
2. Complete the coursework
3. Submit your renewal fee electronically on
4. Save the course transcript provided by The School, your online renewal confirmation, and your payment record 

45 Hour Post License
Virtual Classroom
Live Instructor

45 Hour Online Course

Complete the required 45 hours at your own pace.

Commonly Asked Post License Questions

Go to and follow the License Look-Up link.
Go to and follow the License Renewal link.
The post license course is a follow-up to the pre license course. It provides a review of the law and poses reality based case studies for interactive discussion. This course is required for your first license renewal cycle. Future renewals will require continuing education.
The Coldwell Banker Real Estate notifies Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) of your successful completion of the course. The State of Illinois retains the services of AMP to retain all Licensing completion records, consequently the Post License Course is not recorded on the IDFPR website.
IDFPR has gone paperless for license renewals & notifications. Renewal notifications will be sent electronically, and the License Renewal process can be completed on the IDFPR website It is suggested that you confirm the accuracy of your email address and contact information when you renew your license.If your address has changed, follow the Online Address Change link. Upon completion of your required coursework submit your license renewal application and fee on

If you recognize the mistake prior to the license renewal deadline, simple complete the required Post License courses and submit your renewal application on The CE Classes you took cannot be applied to the Post License requirement or future CE requirements.

If you didn’t recognize the mistake prior to the deadline you will most likely be notified by IDFPR. We suggest that you complete the Post License Courses as soon as possible so they can be submitted to IDFPR. We also suggest that you personally notify IDFPR of your completion. You may be subject to payment of a fine before your license is renewed.

You cannot practice selling real estate until the matter is resolved. It is suggested that you contact IDFPR immediately. Penalties will be added to the cost of your license renewal.
It is suggested that you keep your Post License transcript as proof of completion along with your online renewal confirmation and payment record. You may also take a screen shot of the IDFPR site indicating that your license is active.