Illinois Broker License Renewal Deadline


Licensed before November 2nd, 2019

12 hours of traditional CE to include 4 hours of Core, 8 Elective hours, of which one hour may be the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Course

Licensed on or after November 2, 2019 - October 31, 2021

45-hour Broker Post License Course must be completed by 4/30/2022.

*Note – the 45 hour curriculum includes the 1 hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Licensed after November 1st, 2021

No CE required during this renewal period. A license issued during this period will have an expiration date of 4/30/2024.



Self Study

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Commonly Asked Questions

Go to and follow the License Look-Up link.
Go to and follow the License Renewal link.
Yes, you must complete the required Continuing Education and renew your license by the deadline.
IDFPR has gone paperless for license renewals & notifications. Renewal notifications will be sent electronically, and the License Renewal process can be completed on the IDFPR website It is suggested that you confirm the accuracy of your email address and contact information when you renew your license.If your address has changed, follow the Online Address Change link. Upon completion of your required coursework submit your license renewal application and fee on
Go to and follow the CE Look-Up link.
Unfortunately, no! CE credits can only be applied to the current License Renewal cycle.
Yes, Core hours can be applied to the required Elective hours. However, if a course is taken more than once within a renewal cycle only one set of credit hours can be used.
No, Elective hours will not count toward required Core hours. Also, if a course is taken more than once within a renewal cycle only one set of credit hours can be used.
It can take up to two business days from the time your License Renewal application is submitted for the status to be reflected on License Lookup.
It is suggested that you keep copies of all Continuing Education transcripts, your online renewal confirmation and payment record. You may also take a screen shot of the IDFPR site indicating that your license is active.
You cannot practice selling real estate until the matter is resolved! It is suggested that you contact IDFPR immediately. Penalties will be added to the cost of your license renewal.